Autozeel Microfiber Drying Towel 400 GSM 30 inch X 22 inch

Autozeel Microfiber Drying Towel 400 GSM 30 inch X 22 inch

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A microfiber drying towel needs to quickly dry a car by absorbing as much water and leaving no streaks behind. Autozeel Microbiber Drying Towel does just that and better.  Microfiber is defined by the Size, Price and most importantly Gram per Square Meter GSM. Thickness & plushness are more with higher GSM. The Autozeel Microfiber is

  • 30" inch x 22" inch which is a large size
  • 400 GSM Grams per Square Meter.
  • Higher GSM leads to more water absorption
  • Rs. 299 is value for money


We at are bunch of car enthusiast for whom detailing is passion. We needed a microfiber drying towel which is a good qualty product and affordable. A car enthusiast needs a bunch of them. Other microfiber on market were either too expensive or lacked GSM.


So we decided to launch our own to address the community at large by introducing a quality and affordable microfiber drying towel.


Key benefits of Autozeel Microfiber Drying Towel 400 GSM 30"x22"

  • Thick and plush 400 GSM to absorb more water while wiping
  • Thicker microfiber allows for easier wiping, leaving no streaks
  • Can even be used for multiple purpose, be it cleaning, wiping, buffing, etc
  • Both side plush microfiber
  • Lint free
  • Rounded off corners
  • 80:20 blend Polyester & Polyamide
  • No tags stitched in to prevent scratches


Washing microfiber

  • Soak the microfiber in light detergent water and simply wash it under running water
  • If the microfiber is dirty, use a brush to gently clean it and wash it under running water
  • No bleach or fabric softener
  • Do not iron


Try it out and let us know your feedback. 



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