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Sonax Clear View 1:100 Concentrate 250 ML

Sonax Clear View 1:100 Concentrate 250 ML

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Highly concentrated cleaning additive for the windscreen washer unit. Just 25 ml of the concentrate give 2.5 litres of cleaning fluid. Removes insects, oil, soot, silicone and dangerous dazzling films without streaks. Does not induce stress cracks in anti-glare headlights. Ideal for high quality XENON headlamps and light diffusing plastic headlamps in clear-glass optic. With fresh fragrance. Comes in a practical bottle with dosing chamber. Phosphate-free.

Many people neglect this area of the car until it’s too late. Have you ever driven at night with a streaky windshield and try to clean it, only to find out that your fluid is out!? Not only does this put you at risk for an accident, but now you have to deal with a dirty windshield. SONAX Clear View Concentrate 250 ml makes up to 25 litres of solution, meaning you won’t run out any time soon! 

The practical bottle comes with a measuring cup built in to ensure you always get the correct amount. SONAX Clear View Concentrate can even be mixed with tap water (with any level of hardness) because of the anti-lime formula and is suitable for fan jet type nozzles.

SONAX Clear View Concentrate is very easy to use with a 1:100 dilution ratio. Use 25 ml of SONAX Clear View Concentrate to make 2.5 litre of solution. Keep your night and day time travels safe with a clean and clear windshield.


  • Highly concentrated cleaner additive for the windscreen washer: removes insects, oil, silicone and hazardous blinding films
  • Compatible with plastics – does not cause tension cracks and dull spots on headlamp diffusers
  • Also well suitable for high-quality XENON headlamps and plastic diffusers in clear glass design
  • Suitable for fan jet nozzles.
  • Can be mixed with tap water (all hardness degrees) thanks to anti-lime effect
  • 250 ml bottle yields 25 litres of windscreen wash. With a fresh scent


How to use

  1. Take an empty bottle and fill up with water
  2. Dilution Ratio is 1:100 (Clear View Concentrate:Water). For 1 litre bottle 10 ml of concentrate
  3. Take the Sonax Clear View Concentrate bottle and squeeze it to fill the dosing chamber to desired level
  4. Empty the dosing chamber into the water bottle. Close the bottle and give a gentle shake

Fill up your car windscreen washer fluid with the solution containing Sonax Clear View Concentrate.


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