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Autozeel Microfiber 320 GSM 40 cm X 40 cm Brown

Autozeel Microfiber 320 GSM 40 cm X 40 cm Brown

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A microfiber is defined by the Size, Price and most importantly Gram per Square Meter GSM. Thickness & plushness are more with higher GSM. The Autozeel Microfiber is

  • 40 cm X 40 cm which is a standard size
  • 320 GSM which is ideal for all purpose, cleaning, buffing
  • Rs. 89 is value for money


We at are bunch of car enthusiast for whom detailing is passion. We needed a microfiber which is a good quality product and affordable. A car enthusiast needs a bunch of them. Other microfiber on market were either too expensive or lacked GSM. 


So we decided to launch our own to address the community at large by introducing a quality and affordable microfiber.


Key benefits of Autozeel Microfiber 320 GSM 40 cm X 40 cm Brown

  • Thick and plush 320 GSM to absorb more water while wiping
  • Thicker microfiber allows for easier wiping and buffing off wax and sealant
  • Can be used for any purpose, be it cleaning, wiping, buffing, etc. Its your go to microfiber
  • Both side plush microfiber
  • Lint free
  • Rounded off corners
  • 80:20 blend Polyester & Polyamide
  • No tags stitched in to prevent scratches


Washing microfiber

  • Soak the microfiber in light detergent water and simply wash it under running water
  • If the microfiber is dirty, use a brush to gently clean it and wash it under running water
  • No bleach or fabric softener
  • Do not iron


Try out the Autozeel Microfiber and let us know your feedback so we can improve further.


Shipping Rs 99 per order.

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